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Closing Process

Closing Process Our closing process is designed to protect both the mineral buyer and mineral owner. To learn more about how we close transactions please see the closing steps below.  If you have any questions or concerns about this closing process please let us know before you submit a bid. Closing Steps Once the due diligence process is completed and you are ready to move forward with closing, here are the next steps: 1. Mineral Deed:  Please provide us with a copy of the mineral deed in Word format.  We will review the deed and[...]

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Offer Process

Offer Process Before you submit an offer on a listing, please carefully read the information below.  We only accept bids from qualified buyers. Please note that all bids submitted at non-binding until you put a property under contract with the mineral owner. Please do not submit bids directly to the mineral owner.   All listings are exclusive and all bids should be submitted to Texas Royalty Brokers. How to make an Offer? To make an offer, simply review the mineral rights for sale.  At the bottom of each listing is a contact form.  You can submit[...]

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Listing Phases

Listing Phases If you want to buy mineral rights at Texas Royalty Brokers, it's important to understand the listing phases. Our listing phases are designed to make the process of buying mineral rights transparent and fair for mineral buyers.  We designed the process to give each buyer and equal opportunity to analyze a deal and submit a bid. The listing phases below apply to all of our mineral rights listings. Listing Phases Explained Below is an explanation of each listing phase: Listing Posted: Once a listing has been activated on our website, the listing posted[...]

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