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Selling Mineral Rights
in Texas

When selling mineral rights in Texas, the key to getting maximum value is competition!

Have you received a few offers in the mail? Are you tempted to simply accept the highest one and call it a day? You could be leaving a substantial amount of money on the table.

Competition is extremely important when selling mineral rights in Texas. There are literally thousands of mineral rights buyers in Texas. Without getting competitive bids, you will nearly always be selling below market value.

Find out how selling mineral rights at Texas Royalty Brokers will increase competition and help you realize the best price.

Mineral Rights Value
in texas

Figuring out mineral rights value in Texas is challenging.

There are many different factors that play a role in how much mineral rights in Texas are worth. Are they producing? Are they leased? Was an active permit just filed? All of these factors play a role in the value of mineral rights in Texas.

At Texas Royalty Brokers, we can help you better understand the value of mineral rights in Texas. Our royalties calculator will help you quickly estimate the cash flow value of your royalty income.

Click the learn more link below to find out how much your mineral rights might be worth.

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Mineral Rights Taxes

Did you know that when you collect royalty income, that income is taxed at ordinary income tax rates?

When you sell mineral rights in Texas, the worst case scenario is paying capital gains taxes at 20% assuming you have owned the mineral rights over 1 year.  Most will only pay 15% capital gains rates.

Did you inherit mineral rights? If so, you can save a fortune on your taxes due to step-up basis! You may only owe taxes on a portion of the total sales price. If you inherited mineral rights, selling mineral rights for tax reasons can make a lot of financial sense.

Before you sell mineral rights in Texas, take some time to consider the tax consequences of selling.

buying Mineral Rights
in texas

Interested in buying mineral rights in Texas?

At Texas Royalty Brokers we make the process simple for mineral buyers.

All of our listings are available publicly without creating an account. You can view our mineral rights listings, download documentation, and submit bids by visiting our listings page.

Please take a moment to review our Listing Phases, Offer Process, and Closing Process.

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Sold Properties

Below are some of our recently sold listings.  To view all of our available listings, please visit our listings page.


Howard County

  • Net Mineral Acres: 148.8
  • Royality Percentage: 18.75%
  • Average Income: $125/Month

Sales Price: $2,118,000

View Listing


Midland County

  • Net Mineral Acres: 672.74
  • Royality Percentage: 25%
  • Average Income: $58,300/Month

Sales Price: $11,773,000

View Listing


Martin County

  • Net Mineral Acres: 57.5
  • Royality Percentage: 20%
  • Average Income: $2,500/Month

Sales Price: $683,000

View Listing

Client Reviews

Checkout what our happy clients say about us.

Texas Royalty Brokers Review

“After receiving multiple offers to sell mineral rights we were ready to accept our best offer. We were doing some research on taxes and stumbled across Texas Royalty Brokers. We decided to list and I’m glad we did! We ended up selling over $225,000 higher than the offers we received in the mail. My family is very thankful we found Texas Royalty Brokers!”

Greg H., Pecos County Texas Sale
Texas Royalty Brokers Review

“While we were in the process of finding a buyer for our mineral rights, we got a booklet in the mail from Texas Royalty Brokers.  We went through every detail on their website and reviewed all the information. We were hesitant at first because we already had an offer in hand.  We decided to list and it was the best decision we could have made.  We ended up selling for a substantially higher price than the original buyer was offering.”

Patricia M., Glasscock County Texas Sale
Texas Royalty Brokers Review

“My husband and I have owned land with mineral rights in Reagan County for decades.  This land was handed down from my grandpa.  We found this company online and decided to list since there was no obligation to accept any offers.  We were pleasantly surprised when we got an offer that was substantially higher than the offers we had been seeing in the mail. I wouldn’t sell my minerals anywhere else.”

Marcy and Dale P., Reagan County Texas Sale

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