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Client Reviews

Borden & Dawson, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 2, 2023

I am convinced working with Texas Royalty Brokers resulted in maximizing the amount I sold my mineral interests for. They were engaged and responsive throughout the sale process, willing to discuss any concerns or requests, and also provided sound advice based on their past experience. If I ever consider selling additional minerals in the future, Texas Royalty Brokers will be my first choice to market them.

Bill L.

Martin, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 26, 2023

Eric W. was extremely helpful and patient with all the questions we had. Once we decided to sell, he guided us through the process, which was quick and seamless. We’re very satisfied with our outcome. Highly recommend this group if you are looking to sell your mineral rights.

Annalisa C.

Howard, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 15, 2023

Recently, I inherited some mineral rights and soon began receiving offers in the mail. Being new to the whole process, I was quite unsure about the best steps forward. After conducting some research, I decided to list the rights with Texas Royalty Brokers, and it was the best decision I made! The team provided me with comprehensive knowledge about the market, ensuring I had all the data in front of me to make an informed decision. Not only were they professional and thorough, but also transparent in all our dealings. The result? The offers I got through Texas Royalty Brokers were substantially higher than any of those I received in the mail. For anyone navigating the complex world of mineral rights, I can’t recommend Texas Royalty Brokers enough. Their expertise and commitment to clients are unmatched. The outcome speaks for itself. Thank you, Texas Royalty Brokers, for making this experience smooth and profitable!

Alexis H.

Reeves, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 17, 2023

Texas Royalty Brokers truly understood the value of my minerals and worked tirelessly to secure a deal that left me pleasantly surprised. They kept me informed throughout the process, with no confusing jargon or hidden agendas. Just honest and straightforward communication.

Albert K.

Reagan, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 11, 2023

Eric and his company did a fantastic job throughout my entire selling process. They are very knowledgeable, gracious, and efficient. Eric personally went above and beyond in communication to me and my family and I would recommend him and his company to anyone. I’m incredibly satisfied.

Sean G.

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Howard County Texas Mineral Rights for Sale

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Accepting Offers on 8/28/2023
  • Listing Posted - complete
  • Listing Evaluation - complete
  • Accepting Offers - complete
  • Client Review - complete
  • Best and Final - complete
  • Under Contract - in progress

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Listing Details

Starting Bid: $4,360,000

  • State : Texas
  • County : howard
  • Legal Location : Block 31, T1N, Sections 27 and 26
  • Net Acres : 581.34
  • Active Lease : Yes
  • Royalty Rate : 25%
  • Producing : yes
  • Average Income : $1,340/Month

Update:  11/8/2023



Update:  9/10/2023

Under Contract


Update:  9/5/2023

Best and Final offers are due by 5:00 PM CST, Thursday, September 7th.


Update:  8/30/2023

We are accepting bids on this listing until Friday, September 1st.  If you are interested in submitting a bid on this listing, please submit your bid before the deadline.


Update:  8/28/2023

Now Accepting Offers


This is a very rare opportunity to buy a substantial amount of acreage in Howard County.  This acreage has a little bit of everything.

There is existing production from 2 wells in 2 different units.  These wells are averaging around $1,340/month currently.  In the Levelland unit, there are currently two (2) wells in DUC status that were spud in 5/2023.  These wells are likely coming online soon and will provide an immediate ROI to the mineral buyer.  The buyer shall be entitled to all royalty income from these two new wells coming online.

The seller has also leased some additional acreage on the East side of Section 27 and also some acreage in Section 26. This lease agreement was signed in mid-2022 and the seller received a lease bonus of $133,377 for leasing this acreage in Section 27 and Section 26.

Please read through the lease agreement attached.  This is a very strong lease agreement that was negotiated by a savvy mineral owner.

We show the follow breakdown by status:

305.34 NRA –  Levelland Unit – 2 DUC wells on the bulk of the ownership
96 NRA – Guthrie Buford Unit
36.5 NMA / 73 NRA – Leased in Section 27
53.5 NMA / 107 NRA – Leased in Section 26

Total NRA – 581.34

The seller also own the surface which is not included in the sale.

All bids should be based on 581.34 net royalty acres owned.   Adjustments will be allowed on this listing based on how many NRA are owned as proven through title.  However, an adjustment is only allowed up to 5% of the offer amount and then must be mutually agreeable.  Any ownership not proven in title would be retained by the seller.

The starting bid price on this listing is $4,360,000 or $7,500 per net royalty acre.

To view/download the listing files, please visit the link below:

Download Files

We will begin accepting offers on Monday August 28th.

All buyers are required to either do a 14 day close, make a $25,000 deposit, or sign our qualified buyer agreement once a deal has been verbally agreed upon.

The mineral owner has exclusively listed with Texas Royalty Brokers.  Please do not contact the mineral owner directly.  To make a bid or ask questions about this listing, please contact Texas Royalty Brokers using the contact form below.  Our team will quickly be in touch.

We have other mineral rights for sale.

Exclusitivity Notice

All listings posted at Texas Royalty Brokers are exclusive. The seller has agreed to exclusively sell through our company and will become personally liable if you close a deal directly with the seller. Please direct all offers and communication directly to Texas Royalty Brokers.

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