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Martin, TX

Rated 5 out of 5
March 15, 2023

Working with Eric to help our family sell our oil rights was such a great experience and definitely the right decision for our family. From our first consultation over the phone, Eric laid out a road map of the process that was accurate, but also gave us the ability to make our own decisions along the way.

After negotiating with many potential buyers on our own, we were not able to get the price we were looking for to sell. However, once we hired Eric and his team to market our rights to all potential buyers in the market, we were able to sell at a much higher price and increase our take home net by over $100,000. I would definitely recommend Eric and Texas Royalty Brokers if you are concerned about under selling the value of your oil rights. His processes were clear, his service was outstanding, and his value to the transaction was worth his commissions!

Thank you for guiding us through the process Eric. We greatly appreciate you and your hard work!

Craig M.

Webb, TX

Rated 5 out of 5
February 27, 2023

Amazing experience! Eric is a pro! We got a full price offer and closed within 2 weeks of listing. I will only work with Eric Winegar and Texas Royalty Brokers in the future.

Jamie A.

Howard, TX

Rated 5 out of 5
January 3, 2023

The team at Texas Royalty Brokers were so easy to work with. They made what sounds like a very confusing process, clear and straightforward. They were incredibly responsive and kind people to work with. I definitely recommend their services!

Bridget Z.

Tarrant, TX

Rated 5 out of 5
December 15, 2022

A great and straightforward experience. They answered all questions and made the process quick and easy. I highly recommend their services.

Robert S.

Howard, TX

Rated 5 out of 5
December 2, 2022

I engaged Texas Royalty Brokers to market my mineral interest after I received an unsolicited offer. They got me almost 2x the original offer, and they were professional and transparent through the entire process. Definitely plan to use them again.

Christopher W.

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Minerals for Sale in Martin County Texas

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Accepting Offers on 2/9/2023
  • Listing Posted - complete
  • Listing Evaluation - complete
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Please take a moment to learn more about each listing phase.

We are currently in the listing evaluation phase for these mineral rights.  We will begin accepting offers on Thursday, February 9th.

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Listing Details

Starting Bid: $700,000

  • State : Texas
  • County : martin
  • Legal Location : SE/4 of Section 7, Block 36, T3N, T&P Ry Co. Survey
  • Net Acres : 42.7
  • Active Lease : Yes
  • Royalty Rate : 20%
  • Producing : yes
  • Average Income : $652

Update:  3/3/2023



Update:  2/13/2023

The seller has accepted an offer and this listing is now sale pending.  No further bids will be accepted on this property.


This is an opportunity to buy a nice acreage position in Martin County Texas.

The owner of these mineral rights has 42.7 net royalty acres held by 3 old vertical wells on a 160 acre unit.  This acreage is absolutely surrounded by rig and permit activity.  There are a large number of rigs in very close proximity to this acreage.  With no horizontal wells drilled across this acreage, this is an excellent upside opportunity in Martin County Texas.  The royalty income is averaging around $650/month on the current vertical production.

We located the lease agreement which would indicate a 20% royalty rate.  This would indicate 26.67 net mineral acres  Please carefully read the addendum on page 3 of this lease agreement.  It would appear that the existing lease covers depths down to the current wells, but terminates “as to all depths 100 feet below, but not above, the stratigraphic equivalent of the deepest formation capable of producing in each well tract.”  We would interpret this to mean that the buyer of these mineral rights rights would be able to lease the deep rights at a higher royalty rate than 20% meaning it’s possible to get 53.34 net royalty acres on the deep rights.   It is the responsibility of each buyer to determine how the addendum applies.  We are only representing 42.7 NRA.  The buyer may also be able to get a near term ROI by leasing the deep rights.

The owner inherited the mineral rights in two separate transactions.

The owner would like to start the bidding at $700,000 for 42.7 net royalty acres.  Buyers are responsible for running title and confirming the total number of net royalty acres owned.   Any adjustments to the purchase price would require a title report to be provided to prove the discrepancy.

To view/download the listing files, please visit the link below:

Download Files

We will begin accepting offers on Thursday, February 9th.

All buyers are required to either do a 14 day close, make a $5,000 deposit, or sign our qualified buyer agreement once a deal has been verbally agreed upon.

The mineral owner has exclusively listed with Texas Royalty Brokers.  Please do not contact the mineral owner directly.  To make a bid or ask questions about this listing, please contact Texas Royalty Brokers using the contact form below.  Our team will quickly be in touch.

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All listings posted at Texas Royalty Brokers are exclusive. The seller has agreed to exclusively sell through our company and will become personally liable if you close a deal directly with the seller. Please direct all offers and communication directly to Texas Royalty Brokers.

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