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Leasing Mineral Rights

Leasing Mineral Rights Curious about leasing mineral rights?  We explain everything you need to know about leasing mineral rights in Texas.  This information also applies to leasing mineral rights in any state. Before you lease mineral rights there are some important things to understand.  After reading this article you will understand: What a mineral lease is Important lease terms How to lease your mineral rights What is a fair offer to lease mineral rights How to negotiate a mineral rights lease How a mineral right lease effects mineral rights value What is a mineral rights lease? [...]

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Never Sell Mineral Rights

Never Sell Mineral Rights Never sell mineral rights?  This common advice is WRONG! When you hear someone say "never sell mineral rights", you should take it with a grain of salt.  Every person has a unique situation.  Deciding whether to sell mineral rights is a personal decision. The phrase never sell mineral rights originated when families wanted to pass mineral rights down through the generations.  The idea of never selling mineral rights came from the fact that eventually those mineral rights would be worth a lot of money. This advice completely ignores investing in other assets where you [...]

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Mineral Rights Taxes

Mineral Rights Taxes Everything you need to know about mineral rights taxes can be found here.  Whether you are selling mineral rights or curious about how royalty income is taxed, we explain it all. While taxes might be the most boring topic on earth, it is also a topic that can save you thousands of dollars if you understand how mineral rights are taxed. Ordinary Income vs Capital Gains Before we jump into the different types of mineral rights taxes, it is important to understand ordinary income vs capital gains tax rates. Ordinary Income Tax:  [...]

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Inherited Mineral Rights

Inherited Mineral Rights If you inherited mineral rights, you probably have a lot of questions. Mineral rights are complex and there is a lot to know.  This article will guide you through everything you need to know about inheriting mineral rights and what steps to take next. What to do after you inherit mineral rights? There are a few things you should do after inheriting mineral rights. Step 1:  The first thing you need to do is complete the process of getting the mineral rights put in your name legally.  Typically this is done through [...]

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Mineral Owner Mistakes

Mineral Owner Mistakes There are a number of common mineral owner mistakes.  When selling mineral rights, you want to avoid making these mistakes that will cost you thousands of dollars. If you are thinking about selling mineral rights, below is a list of common mineral owner mistakes to avoid. 7 Common Mineral Owner Mistakes Here are the most common mistakes mineral owners make when selling mineral rights in Texas: 1. High Pressure Offers: If a mineral buyer is putting pressure on you to sell, this is a huge red flag.  Why would a mineral buyer [...]

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Mineral Rights Brokers

Mineral Rights Brokers Picking a mineral rights broker is an important step. When selling mineral rights in Texas, you want to pick a mineral rights broker who is going to help you sell for the best price.  Equally important, you want a mineral rights broker who will guide you through the process. Why use a Mineral Rights Broker? Should you even bother using a mineral rights broker? There are a number of reasons why using a mineral rights broker makes sense.  Here are some common reasons to use a mineral rights broker: Competition:  The most [...]

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Texas Mineral Buyers

Texas Mineral Buyers Looking for Texas Mineral Buyers? There are literally thousands of mineral rights buyers in Texas.  If you're thinking about selling mineral rights in Texas, don't sell until you consider who the mineral buyer is. A lot of mineral owners sell below market value because the mineral buyer takes advantage of them.  We're going to show you how to find high quality mineral rights buyers in Texas who pay the best prices. Mineral Rights Buyers in Texas Most mineral owners who are searching for mineral buyers are trying to get offers for their [...]

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Mineral Rights Market

Mineral Rights Market Understanding how the mineral rights market works is important.   The mineral rights market is not the same as traditional markets like the stock market or housing market. Understanding how this market works will help you sell mineral rights for maximum value. How Normal Markets Work While there are a number of markets we could compare, we are going to focus on the housing market.  The reason is that selling mineral rights is the most similar to selling a home. While the housing and mineral rights markets are similar, there are some key [...]

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Mineral Rights Value

Mineral Rights Value - Updated for 2022 Curious about mineral rights value in 2022? Mineral rights value is complicated.  There is no simple formula to determine mineral rights value. We're going to help you understand everything you need to know about how to value mineral rights in Texas.  After reading this article, you will have a good idea of how mineral rights value is determined. If you are thinking about selling mineral rights in Texas, DO NOT SELL until you have read the entire article.  If there is one article you should read before selling mineral rights, this is [...]

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What to Expect After Listing

What to Expect After Listing You sent us your documentation, signed the listing agreement, and our team setup and activated your listing.  Now what? Our team will immediately get to work actively marketing your mineral rights for sale.  We'll be researching mineral buyers in the area, making phone calls, sending emails, and working hard to generate as much demand as possible for your mineral rights. We do not accept offers for approximately 7 to 10 days after listing.  Why? This gives buyers an equal opportunity to review and analyze your property.  If we began immediately accepting offers, it [...]

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