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Client Reviews

Reeves, TX

May 1, 2024

Texas royalty brokers did a fabulous job getting my property sold efficiently professionally and quickly. Eric and Emily were prompt with returning calls and emails and made the entire transaction seamless! I would certainly use them again.

Lindsay F.

Leon, TX

April 12, 2024

Texas Royalty Brokers did a fantastic job marketing and selling my mineral rights. Eric and Emily were extremely helpful and patient in answering all my questions and guiding me through the process. They basically did all the paperwork. I would definitely use them again!

Dan T.

Andrews, TX

March 27, 2024

Eric and his staff at Texas Royalty Brokers were amazingly helpful! Between finding the value of my minerals, finding buyers, and handling the contracts. I couldn’t imagine dealing with the processes without them.

Thank you so much Eric!!!

Rob O.

Mitchell, TX

March 25, 2024

Texas Royalty Brokers was great to work with! The offer exceeded my expectations! Eric and Emily were very clear and organized with the process and made it easy. I would definitely use them again!

Tuey R.

Karnes, TX

March 18, 2024

My experience with Tx Royalty Brokers was excellent. They basically did all the work as promoting and marketing my asset. I ended up getting what I wanted – my net payout was a multiple of over 66 months of my present monthly royalty payments.

I would highly recommended Eric and Emily to anyone who is interesting in marketing their mineral or royalty interests.

Mark P.

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Mineral Rights Loan vs Selling Mineral Rights

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Are you considering a mineral rights loan?

The decision between taking out a loan against mineral rights or selling them outright is an important choice.  In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision for your financial future.  We’ll weigh the pros and cons of a mineral rights loan versus selling mineral rights.

Additionally, we’ll highlight potential pitfalls to avoid, such as first right of refusal clauses, ensuring that you don’t fall victim to common pitfalls and maximize the value of your mineral assets. This article will serve as your roadmap to navigating the decision to take a mineral rights loan or sell mineral rights.

Mineral Rights Loan – Use Caution

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As you consider whether to get a loan against your mineral rights or sell them, there are three important things you need to understand about a mineral rights loan.  It’s important to use caution before you get a loan against your mineral rights for the following reasons:

  1. Risk of Royalty Income Decrease: Taking out a mineral rights loan exposes you to the risk of fluctuating royalty income. If the income from your mineral rights decreases after you’ve taken out the loan, you may find yourself in a difficult financial situation. In such cases, you might struggle to meet loan repayments, potentially leading to default. This could result in losing your mineral rights at a significantly lower price than if you had sold them outright.
  2. High Interest Rates: Mineral rights loans often come with high-interest rates, which can quickly compound your debt. The interest payments add up over time, putting you further into financial strain and reducing the overall profitability of your mineral rights. In some cases, the interest payments may even exceed the income generated by the rights themselves, making it challenging to break free from the debt cycle.  In our experience working with mineral owners, most mineral owners who take out a loan against their mineral rights because they are in a difficult financial situation.  Taking out a loan solves the problem in the short term, but long term they find themselves in a worse situation.
  3. Right of First Refusal Clauses: Many lenders include a right of first refusal clause in mineral rights loan agreements. Do not take out a loan against your mineral rights that includes a right of first refusal.  This clause grants the lender the option to match any offer you receive should you decide to sell your rights. While this may seem like a minor detail, it can significantly decrease the marketability and value of your mineral rights. Potential buyers are often discouraged from making competitive offers knowing that they might be overridden by the lender. As a result, your ability to negotiate a fair price for your rights is severely hindered, ultimately diminishing their value on the market.


Contact us to find out how much your mineral rights are worth.

Why Sell Mineral Rights

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Before you take out a high risk loan against your mineral rights, you should strongly consider selling.  This will help you avoid the risks identified above and also provides some key benefits.  When you sell mineral rights instead of taking a loan against mineral rights, you get the following benefits:
  1. Maximum Value and Competitive Offers: Selling your mineral rights outright ensures that you receive maximum value for your asset. Unlike taking out a loan, which can decrease the value of your rights, selling allows potential buyers to make competitive offers at the best price. Without the risk a lender will use their first right of refusal or create additional hassle for the buyer paying off the loan, buyers are more willing to offer higher prices, resulting in a better price for your mineral rights.
  2. Partial Sale Option: Selling your mineral rights gives you the flexibility to sell only a portion of your rights while retaining ownership of the rest. For example, you can sell 50% of your rights and keep the remaining 50%. This approach provides you with immediate cash to address immediate needs without subjecting yourself to high interest payments, additional debt, and reduced overall value. It allows you to strike a balance between cash flow and maintaining a stake in potential future profits.
  3. Elimination of Royalty Income Risk: By selling your mineral rights, you eliminate the risk associated with fluctuating royalty income. Unlike with a loan, where you’re obligated to make repayments regardless of income fluctuations, selling provides you with a lump sum payment upfront. This means you won’t find yourself in a situation where you can’t make loan payments due to a downturn in production or mineral prices, mitigating financial risk and ensuring peace of mind.

Avoid Mineral Rights Loans

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As you consider your options, take the information above into account while you make the decision.  A mineral rights loan may seem like a good idea at first.  After you consider the high interest rates, the risk of default due to falling royalty income, the added debt, and the reduced value of your mineral rights as a result of the loan, it becomes clear that a mineral rights loan is a bad decision.

We would encourage any mineral owner considering a loan for their mineral rights to instead sell a portion. Selling a portion of your ownership will help you avoid the risks of a mineral rights loan while allowing you to maximize the value of your mineral rights.  In addition, you will save money on your mineral rights taxes as a result of selling vs collecting royalty income.

Free Consultation

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Texas Royalty Brokers offers free consultations for anyone interested in selling their oil and gas mineral rights. These consultations provide an opportunity for sellers to learn more about the process of selling mineral rights, as well as get a sense of the value of their rights. During the consultation, a representative from Texas Royalty Brokers will discuss the specifics of your property and the minerals in question, and help you understand the current market conditions and what to expect in terms of offers for your rights.

When requesting a free consultation, you can expect a prompt response from Texas Royalty Brokers.

Providing your 3 most recent royalty statements up front can also be helpful in providing you with better information and analysis. These statements will allow Texas Royalty Brokers to analyze your production history, revenue, and other important information that will help them give you a more accurate assessment of the value of your mineral rights. They will be able to use this information to provide you with a better understanding of the offers you can expect to receive.

It is important to keep in mind that the consultation and analysis provided by Texas Royalty Brokers is free of charge and there is no obligation and no pressure to sell your mineral rights after the consultation. This gives you an opportunity to get a professional opinion and make a more informed decision about your next steps.

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