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Client Reviews

Leon, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 12, 2024

Texas Royalty Brokers did a fantastic job marketing and selling my mineral rights. Eric and Emily were extremely helpful and patient in answering all my questions and guiding me through the process. They basically did all the paperwork. I would definitely use them again!

Dan T.

Andrews, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 27, 2024

Eric and his staff at Texas Royalty Brokers were amazingly helpful! Between finding the value of my minerals, finding buyers, and handling the contracts. I couldn’t imagine dealing with the processes without them.

Thank you so much Eric!!!

Rob O.

Mitchell, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 25, 2024

Texas Royalty Brokers was great to work with! The offer exceeded my expectations! Eric and Emily were very clear and organized with the process and made it easy. I would definitely use them again!

Tuey R.

Karnes, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 18, 2024

My experience with Tx Royalty Brokers was excellent. They basically did all the work as promoting and marketing my asset. I ended up getting what I wanted – my net payout was a multiple of over 66 months of my present monthly royalty payments.

I would highly recommended Eric and Emily to anyone who is interesting in marketing their mineral or royalty interests.

Mark P.

Borden & Dawson, TX

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 2, 2023

I am convinced working with Texas Royalty Brokers resulted in maximizing the amount I sold my mineral interests for. They were engaged and responsive throughout the sale process, willing to discuss any concerns or requests, and also provided sound advice based on their past experience. If I ever consider selling additional minerals in the future, Texas Royalty Brokers will be my first choice to market them.

Bill L.

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Royalty Buyers

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There are thousands of royalty buyers out there.  Your goal is to find the royalty buyer who will pay you the absolute highest amount when you sell.

We’ll show you exactly how to find royalty buyers, and how to sell for the best price by getting competitive bids.

How to Find Royalty Buyers

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Here are some of the most common ways to find royalty buyers.  Keep in mind that when you sell royalties, finding a royalty buyer is the easy part.  The hard part is getting the best price.

Here are common ways mineral owners find an oil and gas royalty buyer:

Royalty Buyer Letters:  If you have royalty income currently coming in, there is a high probability that royalty buyers will come to you!  There are numerous royalty buyers who send out letters each month to royalty owners.  They will make you an offer to sell your oil and gas royalties or request that you contact them for an offer.  These letters are a good way to determine a ball park estimate of what your oil royalties are worth.  However, less than 1% of royalty buyers send out letters in the mail.

The Catch:  Royalty owners will frequently get letters in the mail.  The offers typically range in value by a large amount.  If you see an offer for $100,000, $150,000 and $250,000, the offer for $250,000 must be a good deal right?  WRONG!  Don’t fall into this trap.  Just because one buyer was much higher than the other buyers does not mean that it’s a good deal.  You are still comparing offers among less than 1% of all royalty buyers.

Google Search:  It is easy to find royalty buyers by doing a basic search. You can simply go to Google and search for “royalty buyers in Texas” or whichever state you own mineral rights in.   You can then reach out to these buyers and start requesting offers.

The Catch:  Finding quality buyers using this method is extremely time consuming.  There are thousands of mineral buyers in the United States.  The odds you find a quality buyer using this method are very low.  You simply can’t reach out to enough oil royalty buyers to find a good price.

Texas File (Paid):  Another option is to review recorded deeds at Texas File.   You can search within your specific county for recent mineral deeds that have been recorded.  You can then pay to download the documents and find the contact information for the buyer or search for them online via Google.   This is a great way to see which royalty buyers are active in your specific county.

The Catch:  Once again, this is an extremely time consuming way to find mineral buyers.  You could spend months researching and only scratch the surface when it comes to locating buyers.  This is not an effective way to sell for the best price.

All of the ways listed above are legitimate ways to find royalty buyers.  However, these options are extremely time consuming and won’t yield the best results.  If you want to sell for the best price, competition is key.

How to sell for the best price?  Competition!

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Selling royalty income is easy.  Using the methods above, you can quickly locate royalty buyers who will make an offer.  The hard part is finding the best price.

A lot of mineral owners sell below market value because they follow this process:

  1. They get a few letters in the mail
  2. Contact a few companies online
  3. Compare the offers they got and select the highest offer

It feels like they got a good deal.  After all, if you got offers of $100,000, $150,000, and $250,000, the $250,000 offer must have been an amazing deal right?

The problem is that you simply can’t reach enough royalty buyers on your own to get the highest price.  You absolutely must get competitive offers from numerous buyers to ensure you get the highest price.

How to get competitive bids?  Texas Royalty Brokers

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If you want to sell oil and gas royalties for the best price, Texas Royalty Brokers can help.   We consistently help mineral owners sell for the best price.  How do we do it?  Competition!

When you list royalties for sale at Texas Royalty Brokers, our team immediately gets to work ensuring that any possibly royalty buyer knows that your mineral rights are for sale.  We get you the highest price by creating competition for your royalties.   When royalty buyers have to compete against one another, it drives the price higher and ensures you sell for the absolute highest price possible.

While price is the most important factor, our team stands beside you from start to finish.  We’ll help you navigate the process of selling your royalties while ensuring you get the best price.

Learn more about how to list your royalties, how much your royalties are worth, and how to sell royalties for the best price.

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